Your OMGdaughter Will Swoon for These Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Valentine’s Day is near.

If your OMGdaughter is anything like ours, she loves everything hearts, flowers, and rainbows. So this February is the perfect time to really make an impression on your sweet OMGdaughter. (And her parents, who will be thrilled that their little one’s heart is filled with V-Day joy.)

We’ve found a few perfect gift ideas via Pinterest–both DIY and store-bought–that your OMGdaughter will adore.

Check ‘em out!

DIY felt-heart headband:


DIY Flower Barrettes:


An Etsy find for the littlest OMGdaughter–and a great way to earn brownie points with the parents!


Looking for more gift ideas? Check out this adorable Etsy shop, or these fantastic stuffed animals from Raplapla!

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