What Will They Think of Next? MomSpit Just Might Be the Perfect Gag Gift for Parents

Ok, this one cracks us OMGmothers up.

We just found a product out there called MomSpit.

As you might have guessed, this is a no-rinse cleanser for little hands and faces. But the strong yet mild formula promises to work well on counters and surfaces, too.

Typically, we wouldn’t suggest you buy your friend a bottle of cleanser for her kids–she can easily buy some wipes that would do the trick more efficiently.

However, with a name like MomSpit, you give this product to your favorite mom friend, and she’s sure to have a laugh.

And your OMGchildren will be equally pleased to be spared the humiliation of having their mothers use the real thing.

Scents: Fig & Green Tea, Lemon and White Tea, and Unscented
Price: Starting at $6.99

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