What is OMGmother?

OMGmother is a service that links parents, godparents and their godchildren.

As you become parents, you create a circle of trust around your child. This circle of trust is made up of traditional godparents and mentors, which are people that matter and who have shown special interest in your child. They are usually your parents, your best friends and your siblings.

The members of this circle of trust are the ‘Oh My Godparents’ / OMGparents.

With OMGmother, you can now assign missions within this circle of trust: for example the OMGchef will introduce the child to the pleasures of good food and cooking, the OMGsport to the pleasure o f exercising and sports, the OMGrockstar to music etc…

For them to fulfill their chosen mission in a fun and creative way, we offer a range of services that cater to the needs and expectations of the OMGparents and their OMGchildren.

Thanks to your child’s lifetime page, the OMGparents can follow the development and growth of their OMGchild step by step, OMGmoment by OMGmoment in an effortless manner! They will never miss a  milestone or a birthday, even if they are miles away, thanks to our OMGreminders and OMGupdates

More, more, more…

In September 2011, OMGmother launched its e-concept store.

Providing inspired and original gift ideas, the OMGstore will offer an array of products dedicated to please the children, their parents and their OMGparents.

The OMGfamily

Nathalie is the Franco-Canadian founder of OMGmother. As the first OMGmother, she lives the concept daily and understands the challenges that godparents are facing. As the guardian of the brand’s essence, she will always make sure that the growing and changing needs of godparents are met and fulfilled. With over 9 years spent building innovative and creative communication and marketing strategies for key European and North American clients, Nathalie has proven expertise in understanding consumer behavior and its needs. She’s appreciated for her creativity and great sense of persuasion as well as her grandma’s Mediterranean cuisine!

Madame Pop is our Artistic Director and designer. She is responsible for our visual identity, products, and website. She has over 15 years experience in developing creative, differentiating, thought-through visual identities for key international brands such as Walt Disney studio (Disneyland Paris), Dior, L’Oreal, Clarins… to name but a few. But Madame Pop is first and foremost an artist. With a degree in Visual Communications from Les Arts Decoratifs of Geneva, as well as a diploma from l’Ecole des Beaux Arts, she is a renowned painter and illustrator. French, with Italian and Tunisian blood,  Madame Pop is the mother of two princesses, Lala and Dinah. A true cosmopolitan, she will ensure that the concept thrives within the OMGworld as she picked the challenge of making sure that OMGmother speaks as much to adults than it does to children!

Julie is one of the many moms in Nathalie’s entourage, the proud creator of adorable Basile ; she is the OMGwriter. Before motherhood, she was a freelance PR consultant with a focus on mother and children media.  Because she fell in love with the OMGmother project, she has agreed to lend the company her pen(wo)manship and her strong knowledge of family matters and now serves as its official writer. She is delighted to fill this particular position , from where her enthusiastic personality gets to express itself.