Veteran’s Day Lesson for Your OMGchild: Sending Letters to Soldiers

Happy Veteran’s Day, OMGparents.

Many OMGchildren will have the day off of school today, but most probably don’t know why. So this is the OMGperfect time to teach them about the men and women who fight for the country’s freedom.

And what better way to honor the troops–past and present–by making cards for the veterans and active soldiers?

Thanks to the organization A Million Thanks, you and your OMGchild can write letters to soldiers and find drop-off locations for the letters.

Even better, now is the perfect time to start writing Christmas cards for the troops! Holiday cards must be sent in by December 1st at the latest to reach their destination in time for the celebration.

Click here for card-writing instruction.

Click here to find your nearest card drop-off.

And for a little inspiration, check out these cure, homemade holiday card ideas that we found on Pinterest!

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