Up, Up, and Away! Fun and Healthy Lunch Ideas to Make with Your OMGchildren

Thanksgiving is around the corner, so your OMGchildren may have travel on the brain.

And what better to way to indulge their wandering spirits than to make one of these delicious, nutritious lunches?!

Check out these OMGadorable snack ideas from the brilliantly creative blog Creative Kids Snacks!

 All you need for this fun snack is one banana, one strawberry, a few M&Ms, and some whipped cream!

Get your OMGchildren to eat their fruits and veggies with strawberries, celery, bananas, carrots, and raisins, along with graham crackers, string cheese, and cottage cheese clouds!

This helicopter is made with a peanut butter sandwich body, string cheese windows, cottage cheese clouds, and some strategically placed carrots!

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