Tot Explorers App is Perfect for Your Little Columbus!

This Monday is Columbus Day, so what better time to encourage your OMGchild to explore his or her world?

That’s why we OMGadore the Tot Explorers app from Intuitive Innovations, LLC. This simple game teaches children the names of the objects around them.

In the game, a child’s voice says the name of the object, and the child must find the correct object on the screen. Children may also play a fun memory game, matching objects hidden behind cards.

What an OMGfun game for your OMGchildren to learn about the world around them!

Tot Explorers, by Intuitive Innovations, LLC
Price: $0.99
Ages: 2-4

For OMGmothers who are spending Columbus Day with their OMGchildren, check out this fun way to make models of Columbus’s ships!

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