This DIY Animal Shelf Makes the OMGperfect Gift!

OMGmothers, our favorite interior designer, Marie-Laure Bouwens, is back with another OMGamazing DIY decorating suggestion. Yes, the paper garlands she showed us were adorable, but check this out!

If you want impress your OMGchildren and their parents with a nice, homemade (and less than $8) DIY project, you should try our Decorative Animal Shelf!

Here’s what you need:

Here’s what you do:

1. Just paint a Balsa stick and animal figures.

2. Add some heavy duty tape at the back of the balsa stick and directly on the wall.

3. Add the animal and few card.

That is it! Have fun!

Thank you for the great idea, Marie-Laure!

And, OMGmothers, check out Marie-Laure’s blog here!



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