The Wrap-Up List is the OMGPerfect Summer Reading for Your OMGteen

Our favorite OMGbookworm Mia Wenjen is back to kick off the summer! The Pragmatic Mom has another wonderful book suggestion–this time for your preteen and teen OMGchildren. And, spoiler alert: You might want to read it yourself!

The Wrap-Up List by Steven Arntson

the wrap up list

This was one of the best YA (Young Adult) debut novels I’ve ever read! I had thrown a pile of books onto my 7th grader’s bed, and a few days later she returned it to me, dog-eared.

“You have to read this. RIGHT NOW!” she told me.

So I did. I dropped everything and read it. Then I read it again. She was right. It was a perfect book.

Think The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak–minus the Nazi plot line–but add in a Catholic twist. There’s also magical realism.  16-year-old Gabriela is given one week to live via a letter from her Death–supernatural creatures who take 1% of all deaths through Departures. She needs to create a list to “wrap-up” her life.

What does she want to accomplish in her final week to live? A series of first kisses for herself and her friends. And if she can figure out her Death’s Noble Weakness, she can get a Pardon which means she can return to her life.

Arntson has captured the life of a high school girl so perfectly. Here’s a sample:

“Being in the band must be weird. You’re simultaneously respected and mocked for it. And Sarena is like that too — a cool dork.”

This is the perfect summer read for teens (and adults!). I can’t wait for more books by Arntson.

The Wrap-Up List
Ages: 12 +
Price: $11.70


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