The story of modern godparenting

So there it is, I’m a parent, I gave birth to the cutest, nicest, most adorable baby… for real ! That little babbling sound in the background as I write this is just a starter. I’ve done it, I’ve created my own little family and can’t wait for everyone around to share my happiness and excitement.

Hmmm reality check ! This is what really happened : the novelty of a newborn soon wore off and before I knew it, I found myself trying harder than I thought to simply keep in touch with my loved ones. Sure, my mom made a (huge) point of being involved in her grandchild’s life but for most of my friends and family, keeping up was most definitely a challenge !
Those girlfriends of mine who were already mothers were quick to reassure me. ‘Don’t worry’, they said, ‘it’s perfectly normal and it doesn’t mean they love you any less !’
But between, among other things, their jobs, their children (if they had any), their social schedules and their temperament (not to be underestimated !), most people found it difficult to get involved and find their place in my own my family’s life and heart.

We live in a fast-paced society where the traditional family bonds are stretched and revisited to adapt to the modern family’s requirements. Creating a close-knit circle of trust around our children is most definitly the best way to ensure that our friendships blossom as our family grows. When we think about it, godparents were and are this perfect mix between family and friends. The solution could be as easy as creating a modern version of godparents. Let me explain :

With OMGmother, Nathalie (the OMGmother) and I (the mother) tried to answer the expectations of our friends and our needs as parents. It all came down to this :

A – We want our friends and close family to stay involved in our children’s life.

B – Our children need mentors, responsible adults they can look up to, grown-up friends they can trust.

C – Our friends need clear missions that define the role they can play in our children’s lives.

OMGmother “secularizes” and contemporizes godparenting. By revitalizing a tradition, OMGmother redefines in a positive and vibrant way the ‘parents / godparents/ godchild’ sacred triangle. By creating a new generation of godparents, the Oh My godparents (OMGparents), we ensure a tight circle of trust around our children.

As Bruce Feiler put it in his NY times Column (‘The godparent trap’ May 2009) : “Legions of zombie godparents are walking mindlessly among us. The parents who do the asking don’t know what they’re asking for. The friends who do the accepting don’t know what they’re accepting. And the children who do the receiving don’t know what they’re receiving.”

Here are the new ground rules :

1 – We enlist the people that matter, our close circle of friends and family. Our will is to strengthen the bridge between friends and family. We are the only ones to know in our hearts who we want to involve in our quest to good parenting. We share the amazing moments, the OMGmoments of our children’s lives and help our friends be a part of it.

2. We assign a role to our friends. Most of the time, the problem is that they just don’t know what to do, and (most of the time), we know what they could do… Each and every person who matters has a distinctive quality. This is what gives them ‘THE’ role. The cooking fanatic, the musician, the globe-trotter, they all have something to share with our mini-mes.

3. We choose as many as possible – because to blossom, a child needs to learn everyday from the world that surrounds him. As parents, we can give them love, education, a home and a caring family. As OMGparents, our friends can share their wisdom of life, their friendship and passions.

It’s time we all start spreading the love of OMGparenting. Our children deserve it, don’t you think?

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