The Perks of Being an OMGmother: Kids’ Snacks in the House (For a Limited Time Only!)

A few days ago, Matt Richtel wrote this piece for the New York Times about how having kids has been something of an obstacle to eating a healthy diet. Once on a low cholesterol diet, Richtel laments that he’s now taken to mopping up his children’s leftovers–which skew to the, erm, lesser healthy, the cheesy, the salty, the sugary…

But here’s where we OMGmothers have the best of all worlds.

When our precious OMGchildren come to visit, we get to load up on sweet treats so we can be the coolest OMGmothers around. We stock our fridges with puddings and string cheese and sugar cereals. And when their little bellies can’t finish a whole ice cream sundae, it’s Super OMGmother to the rescue with a giant spoon and a smile.

Well, if you can’t finish the whole thing, I guess I can have a bite.

But then, of course, when the OMGchildren head back to their parents’ homes, we get to toss the empty cartons of goldfish, bring the extra boxes of cookies to work to share with our coworkers, and go back to a healthy diet.

It’s a big OMGperk.

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