The Perfect Gift: This App Lets Your OMGchild Star in a Bestselling Book!

OMGbookworms, have we got the perfect holiday gift idea for you!!

We recently discovered Put Me In The Story™, an OMGamazing children’s book app that creates personalized versions of nationally bestselling children’s picture books for your OMGchildren!

Imagine how excited your OMGchild will be to star in The Night, Night Book by Marianne Richmond or Dream Big, Little Pig! by Kristi Yamaguchi! So excited, we think, that you will earn Cool Points for ages–and you know how we OMGmothers love cool points!

We wanted to learn more about this OMGamazing app, so we spoke with Heather Moore of Sourcebooks, the innovative company behind the app. Here’s what she had to say:

What was the OMGinspiration for the Sourcebooks App?
We built this app because we care deeply about reading and books. With Put Me In The Story, we’re aiming to create greater bonding through and with books, and to create a more meaningful bedtime reading experience for parents and their children.

How does the Put Me in the Story App work?
Upon opening the app, users tap “Put Me In The Story” to instantly create a personalized book that integrates your child’s name throughout the story.  A dedication page at the front allows parents to easily personalize each book with their own photo, and includes Twitter and Facebook integration, which allows the user to share their delightful experience with friends and family.

Parents will appreciate the subtle animation (clouds move, sky changes from night to day!), interactivity, and sound effects (bubbles, dogs, crickets, and more!) that will help a child engage with the story on many levels. A child can also choose “Read to Me” or “Read by Myself,” which supports early reading and allows independent readers to explore at their own pace.

What makes the Put Me in the Story App different than other personalized stories for children?
Put Me In The Story is unique in that it’s personalization of bestselling & award-winning children’s books that kids, parents and teachers already know and love.  Also, the app is a platform for personalized books, rather than a single book app. The app’s store will not only include Sourcebooks titles – we’re working with other publishers and licensors to create personalized editions of their bestselling books.  Finally, users can also order customized print books at

Do you have any advice for aunts, uncles, and godparents on how to use technology to inspire children to become lifelong readers?
With technology like Put Me In The Story, and even the print editions of the personalized books, you have an opportunity to create special moments that will lead to children and the special adults in their lives (be it parents or OMGparents) to spend more time reading together.

We believe that the more ways that we bring children and books together, the more likely children are to become readers for life!

Amen to that, Heather! And thank you for sharing this great holiday gift idea!

Put Me In The Story
Price: Free to download app, small fee per personalized book purchased within the app
Ages: 4+


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