The OMGparents mantra

I shall pass on the wisdom of life… As the quirky mentor

I shall listen to the child in me… Whilst nurturing the adult my OMGchild will one day become

I shall act responsibly… For once

I shall never embarrass my OMGchild… Unless truly necessary

I shall not forget my OMGchild’s birthday… Again

I shall teach my OMGchild to respect our planet… While trying to do so myself

I shall keep in touch with my OMGchild… And his/her imaginary friend

I shall do my best… Always… For her, for him, for you and for me

Oh and also…

I shall never say no to piggy-back rides … until my back gives out

I shall talk age-appropriately…because some things are only funny to me

I shall be a star in my omgchild show… and make them a star in mine

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