Teach Your OMGchildren THIS and You Will Be a Thanksgiving Hero!

When we here at OMGmother were kids, Thanksgiving was our time to shine.

Because around age 9, we learned how to fold napkins. Like, the fancy way. Like, the way they fold napkins at grown-up restaurants and at royal palaces filled with sophisticated princesses! (You know, probably.)

In fact, just like this:

We guarantee that, this Thanksgiving, your OMGdaughters (and sons!) will want to learn this trick from Simply Reem.

And their parents will love the help getting the table set.

Best of all, it’s easy!

Here’s what you need:

a napkin

Here’s what you do:

1. Fold napkin in quarters with the free corners are at the upper right.

2. Roll down the top layer diagonally to just past the middle of the napkin.

3. Then fold down the second layer toward the center and tuck the point behind the first roll.

4. Fold the third layer under in the opposite direction (toward the top right corner). You will now have three equal bands.

5. Vertically fold under the right and left sides of the napkin.

6. Add utensils and name cards in the pockets!

For more pictures to help master this project and for a second fantastic folding technique, check out Simply Reem!

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