St. Patrick’s Day Fun for Your OMGchildren!

Let’s be honest. There is a certain expectation that you, the COOL auntie or uncle, will bring your “A” game on your OMGchild’s birthday and Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa. Heck, you might be expected to do something special for your favorite niece or nephew on Easter and Passover, too.

But St. Patrick’s Day? Well, this one is pretty much expectation-free.

So why not pick up some super, extra bonus points with these cute ideas to make your OMGchild’s St. Patty’s Day a little more special.

We have some great ideas from Pinterest, ranging from absolutely easy to, well, a little more challenging, in order to infuse your special kid’s year with a little luck o’ the Irish!

Absolute Beginner

Your OMGdaughter (or your fashion-forward OMGson) will love this glittery manicure.


Buy some Lucky Charms. Add a few drops of green food coloring to a glass of milk. Et voila! St. Patty’s super-treats!


Easy Peasy

Whip up some pancakes, and add a few drops of that green food coloring.


This cute green bell-pepper shamrock plate is easy AND healthy.


Decidedly Intermediate

This sandwich box is so adorable, it might be worth a little bit of work. (At the very least, it’s worth passing the idea along to your OMGchild’s parents.)


We Wish You Luck

Fair warning: Your OMGchild’s nails might not turn out like this. But if they do, she will be the star of her school!


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