OMGspiritual masters: Get Your OMGchild Moving With a Yoga DVD Perfect for Families

For some OMGchildren, summer break means races, swimming in the lake, and chasing lizards.

For others, it means sitting in front of the television set watching a 3-month Disney Channel marathon.

If your OMGchild is an OMGcouch potato, we have the perfect gift idea for you.

The Yoga for Families DVD is a great way to get your OMGchildren and their families moving, laughing, and finding their centers.

Young yogis can even choose music based on their moods–relaxing tunes for an introspective day, and high energy music when they just want to get silly.

Plus, Yoga for Families was chosen as one of Fitness Magazine’s top 5 workout DVDs for kids.

Buy this one for your OMGchildren, and they will think you are ohhhhhhhm-mazing.

Yoga for Families
Ages: 4 +
Price: $8.33

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