OMGPerfect Halloween Costume Idea: Superhero Kit

It’s October! Which means Halloween is just around the corner.

If you want to buy your OMGchildren cool costumes that they can wear year-round, you have to check out the Djeco Superhero kits!

These OMGadorable kits are packed in colorful briefcases and come with the cape and mask that your young crime-fighter needs to save the day!

There are two versions of the kit, an eco-hero for girls and an inter-planetary hero for boys, so every OMGchild will be ready for this year’s Halloween celebration. (And beyond!)

Djeco Superhero Kits
Boy’s Kit: $27.00
Girl’s Kit: $27.00
Ages: 4+

For OMGmothers who want to make a DIY superhero mask, check out this awesome idea!

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