OMGPerfect Gift for Teens: Bernard Forever Temporary Tattoos

Your OMGchild is now an OMGteen, and he wants a tattoo.

His mom says no, so he comes to you. Because you are COOL and will understand. (Obvi.)

How do you maintain your status without completely undermining the relationship with his mom?

Bernard Forever tattoos.

This French company has created vintage temporary tattoos that teens and adults will love. They make the ideal stocking stuffer for anyone (of any age) with a hipster aesthetic.


And, really, why would your OMGteen even want a permanent tattoo, when there are so many cool temporary tattoos to try?


There you go again, OMGparents. Making everyone happy–teens and moms alike–and making it look easy.

Bernard Forever Tattoos
Ages: Any
Price: 7€ per sheet

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