OMGmother Obsession: Oeuf Outfits & Accessories are OMGadorable and OMGeco-friendly!

We here at OMGmother have a new favorite site to buy gifts for our OMGchildren (in addition to our own awesome shop, of course), and we just had to share.

Oeuf, which means “egg” in French, is an eco-friendly kids’ shop that sells the (seriously) most adorable kids’ items ever.

Better yet: the alpaca-wool outfits are Fair Trade and made through a partnership with indigenous women in Bolivia who earn living wages for their impressive craftsmanship.

Better-er yet: the Alpaca wool used for the outfits is both a renewable resource and hypoallergenic.

Sound too good to be true? We thought so, too, but check out these threads!

Aaaaah! The cuteness!

No, seriously, Ahhhhh!

What’s the French word for, Ahhhhh!?

Way to go OMGparents–supporting a great cause and making sure your OMGchild is the coolest kid on the block at the same time!

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