OMGideas for a Fun Weekend Visit with the OMGchild. Also, Puppies.

Raise your hand if you will be entertaining your OMGchildren this weekend.

For those of you with your hands in the air, here are a few simple (and I mean simple) ideas for a fun and peaceful weekend.

1. Go to the library and rent a movie that you loved when you were little. Yes, the library rents DVDs. And since your OMGchild may or may not be as into “Sound of Music” as you were, it’s best to go non-committal and rent instead of buying. (But, I mean, of course your OMGchild is going to love that movie! Singing nuns! The Alps! Matching curtain-outfits!)

2. Take a nature walk. Nature walk, by the way, is code for a walk outside. Yep, you are going to wow your OMGchild by taking him or her outside. The key, here, is to explain beforehand that you are going to explore, like scientists, and pick up specimens as you go. When you get home, have your little scientist lay out his or her collection and draw a picture of the findings.

3. Write a new ending for a favorite book. Read a story with your OMGchild, and then have him or her imagine the story with a new ending. Have OMGchildren who are too young to write draw the new ending and then explain the drawing to you.

4. Have a dance party. So easy–you just need to turn on some music and start dancing!

5. Watch YouTube videos of puppies. I recommend you start with this one. So many puppies!

Of course, no matter what you do with your OMGchild, the most important thing is that you are together.

But, hey, a few puppies couldn’t hurt.


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