OMGgeeks: Help Your OMGchildren Ace Preschool Pre-School with the Montessori Letter Sounds App!

The very first day of school can be scary–for your OMGchildren and for their parents.

So if you can give your little buddies a leg up on the big day, it will be a relief for the kids and for the grown-ups.

That’s why we recommend the Montessori Letter Sounds HD app from Les Trois Elles Interactive.

This great app lets children ages 1-7 to learn the basics of reading using the popular Montessori Method, which is based on sensory learning and children’s autonomy.

Kids earn marbles as they pass through the levels, and they will adore the colorful and engaging interface.

Get your OMGchildren working on the Montessori Letter Sounds HD app, and the transition to school will be an OMGbreeze!

Montessori Letter Sounds HD
Price: $2.99
Ages: 1-7

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