OMGgeeks: Check Out This Award-Winning Back-to-School App for your OMGchildren

It’s back-to-school time, and what better way to show how much you value your OMGchildren’s education than to treat them to a fun, educational app!

Word Mess, by Masala Games, allows children ages 4 and up to find specific words that are hidden in the “mess” of a word cloud. The game focuses on word recognition, identifying rhyming words, and sorting words into categories.

But don’t worry–this game is so engaging, your OMGchildren will be having too much fun to even know that they are learning!

Word Mess was rated as one of the Apple staff’s #1 Apple Staff Favorite apps, so you know the app deserves an A+.

Buy it for your OMGchildren, and you will deserve an A+, too!

Word Mess, by Masala Games
Price: $0.99
Ages: 4+

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