OMGgeeks and OMGbookworms: The Mad Libs App is Nostalgic and Fun


Yesterday, we here at OMGmother were feeling really [adjective] so we [past tense verb] the new Mad Libs [noun], and, [exclamation], was it [adjective]!

Is that bringing back memories, OMGparents?

If so, it’s time to share your love of Mad Libs with the next generation.

Penguin Groups USA has come up with a simply formatted, easy-to-use Mad Libs app that allows children to write silly stories the old fashioned way… by filling in parts of speech.

It’s fun, it’s educational, and it’s carrying on a grand tradition to your OMGchildren. What could be better?

Goofy Mad Libs
Price: $3.99
Ages: 4 and up

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