OMGenius-Friends With Kids Review

“Friends with Kids” is one of those movies.

You know, one of those movies in which, after every line of dialogue is uttered, you find yourself thinking, “Yes! That! That is how I feel!”

The movie tells the story of friends Julie and Justin (played by the film’s writer/director Jennifer Westfeldt and Parks and Recreation‘s Adam Scott), the lone singletons in their circle of friends. When their married friends start having families, the two realize that while they want children, they do not want the accompanying changes that babies brought to other couples’ once-close relationships. So, they do what any two people would do in that situation–they decide to have and raise a baby together, while dating other people. Make so much sense!

Well, ok, it doesn’t make any sense, but somehow it works. And while the pat ending (come on, you know what happens) almost ruins the pitch-perfect reality that the rest of the film creates, there are some OMGenius moments that help the film overcome its ending. Such as:

1) When Julie receives an unwelcome influx of emails about babies–including one with an attached photo of baby’s potty training success. OMGparents love moms, but we’ve all experienced an overshare or two.

2) When Julie and Justin try to explain their plan to their married friends without directly stating that they are specifically trying to avoid ending up like said friends.

3) When Justin tries to pickup a hot girl in the park by using his infant baby as bait. (OMGfathers, do you really use this trick?)

4) That scene with Jon Hamm.

5) That other scene with Jon Hamm.

6) Ok, any scene with Jon Hamm.

Have any OMGparents out there seen “Friends With Kids”? Which characters did you relate to?

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