OMGbookworms: Make Each Book You Give Your OMGchildren the Best Book Ever

I was lucky enough to spend last week with my brother, an OMGfather extraordinaire.

I have met few people as devoted to their OMGchildren as he is,  so I picked his brain for his favorite gift ideas. And sure enough, he had a great one.

Being a hard-core OMGbookworm (like me, only times a billion), he said his favorite gifts for his OMGson are classic, high-quality  books that can be passed on for generations–like a great dictionary or an atlas.

The twist? He adds personalized book plates!

That’s right, he special orders those name stickers you place in the front of each book and includes one in the front of each book gift. He said that he usually gives the family half of the book plates and keeps the rest for future book gifts.

You can find book plates all over the Web, but here are a few cute ones care of etsy:

Some cute mouse bookplates from Rose Hill Design Studio.

Animated bookplates from Nancy Nikko Designs.

A nice option if you want to include your name from Bushel and Peck Paper.

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