OMGartists: Little Puggle Boxes Sends Awesome Crafts to Your Door!

Remember that time you you were in charge of your OMGchild, and you decided to do crafts together, because you are the best OMGparent ever?

But then you realized you forgot to buy glue and left the glitter at the office, and crafts take a lot of planning, so you decided to just pop in a movie instead?

Well, no more.

Because now the British company Little Puggle Boxes is around to send a special one-of-a-kind box filled with crafts directly to your door! Just sign up and fill out some information about your OMGchild, and you will receive a monthly box loaded with coloring sheets, markers, stickers, scissors–everything and anything you might need.

And if you live far away, a subscription for Little Puggle Boxes would make the perfect present for your OMGchild’s parents. It’s like giving them hours of prep-free quality time with their children. And isn’t that the best gift of all?

(Other than bragging rights, which you will so totally have.)

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