OMGartists and OMGgreengurus: Casa Cabana Proves Cardboard Boxes are the Best Gifts of All

We here at OMGmother recently attended a 2-year-old boy’s birthday party. While he received a mountain of trains, cars, and blocks, his favorite gifts were unquestionably the empty boxes that housed the toys.

And why not? Every kid knows that an empty box is filled with possibilities. Maybe the box is an alien, or a radio, or a race car. Or maybe it’s all of those things–an empty box is whatever a child wants it to be.

And Hip from Holland, makers of Casa Cabana, understand this brilliantly.

Our favorite interior designer Marie-Laure Bouwens turned us on to Casa Cabana, a play house made of biodegradable, recycled cardboard with a door, windows, and spy holes. The play house stands at nearly 4 feet tall when assembled, so it’s big enough for children to play inside. And the house can be decorated with paint, crayons, markers–whatever your OMGchild wants!

What a wonderfully OMGimaginative gift–and one that is sure to be the hit of your OMGchild’s birthday!

Casa Cabana
Price: $38.79
Ages: 3+

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