OMGartists and OMGfashionstars: Interior Designer Marie-Laure Bouwens Talks Children’s Rooms

We recently had the chance to speak with architect and interior designer Marie-Laure Bouwens, the creator of the wonderful children’s architecture and design firm La Maison de Loulou. Because the native Parisian and current Brooklynite has style for miles, we were thrilled to ask her about how she got her start and to share some great tips with you about how to help your OMGchildren have the coolest rooms ever.

My First Name: Marie-Laure

My Last Name: Bouwens

My Job: Architect

My OMGchildren: My OMGchildren are Milo and Fleur, my two best friends’ kids.

My OMGfirst foray into designing for kids was… A few years ago when I was working on a big residential project in New York. The kids’ rooms and playspace were absolutly amazing to design for two reasons:  an unlimited budget, and clients with an open mind.

My OMGvision for my business is… A room is where all the dreams began and where La Maison de Loulou was first dreamt of. Born with the desire to have a beautiful, simple and intuitive space for kids to live, refer, and grow with. My vision is to create a space where I would love to live with no adult rules.

My OMGfavorite design project I worked on is… The Rosalie room, just because I would LOVE to have a room exactly like hers.

What advice would you give to uncles, aunts, godparents out there who would like to score points with their OMGchildren by helping them decorate their rooms? Just watch the way they are living in their rooms and listen what they have to say. After all, it is a question of compromise. Keep it simple in the design. Having fun is the harder part, but remember kids need to have fun as long as they can.

Thank you, Marie-Laure, for your OMGparenting spirit!