OMGamazing: Reconnecting with a Long-Lost OMGdaughter through Twitter

Alicia Glick became an OMGmother roughly 16 years ago when her friend from boarding school chose her to be godmother to baby Sophia. But as often happens with high school friends, time and distance had an effect, and the two lost touch for 10 years.

So when the old friends reconnected this summer, Alicia had the opportunity to build her relationship with Sophia from scratch. “It was almost like meeting my goddaughter for the first time,” she explained.

And, brilliant OMGmother that she is, Alicia decided to get to know Sophia on the teen’s  own terms. Alicia opened a Twitter account and began speaking to Sophia daily–through tweets–and has done so every day since. Here’s what Alicia had to say about her Tweet-lationship and her advice to OMGparents who want to connect with their OMGchildren:

My OMGchild’s Name: Sophia

I decided to start tweeting with my OMGdaughter because…
My goddaugher is 16 years old.  From a social media standpoint, she prefers Twitter.  It was important to utilize the social media that she prefers.  I had never tweeted until I started reaching out to her.  In a sense, Twitter has become our daily dialogue, that can be shared, or kept just between us.

What effect has the Twitter account had on your relationship with your OMGdaughter?
We recently reconnected after a decade lost. So the Twitter messages have given us both something to look forward to.  She knows that I’m always thinking about her.  She anticipates each morning’s message.  She can trust the consistency.  And although it’s challenging to be original each day, I also look forward to sharing encouragement, advice or just a kind word.

How do you decide what tips and advice to tweet to your OMGdaughter? 
I gain insight to her moods and feelings from her tweets, which can be straight forward or sometimes cryptic.  As any OMGparent should do, I listen to what she is saying or experiencing.  Based on the events or challenges in her life, I focus on that as my topic.  It keeps the messages relevant and meaningful.  

What advice do you have for OMGparents who wish to connect/reconnect with their OMGchildren? 
Use whatever avenue that works best for the child.  Social media has provided so many opportunities, find one that your OMGchild can embrace safely.  Stay relevant.  Be as non-judgmental as possible.  Communicate selflessly and without the expectation of a response.  Always listen with your ears and your heart. 

Do you have special holiday plans with your OMGdaughter? If so, what will you be doing together? 
Thankfully, yes.  We live 500 miles apart, so I started planning a pre-Christmas visit several months ago.  Both households have been counting down the days (which also has been a twitter topic) until my visit. 

Thank you, Alicia, for sharing your story!

Follow Alicia on twitter at @lebear25.

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