OMG, This is the PERFECT Project for Your OMGson This Thanksgiving!

OMGmothers, Marie-Laure Bouwens is back with another fantastic DIY suggestion. This time, she has a project that you and your OMGson can work on this Thanksgiving.

It’s not only fun to make, but you’ll end up with an OMGamazing hand-made toy for the little boy in your life.

Don’t believe us, check this out:

The creative bloggers at Kinderpendent came up with this idea.

Here’s what you need:

scrap cardboard, glue gun, paint

And here’s what you do:

1. Paint three pieces of cardboard to make the base floor, second floor, and third floor. The first floor piece should be the largest, and the third floor piece should be the smallest.

2. Cut a slit in second- and third-floor pieces to make ramps.

3. Cut walls out of scrap cardboard to hold up the second and third floors.

4. Use hot glue and glue the walls to the base, 2nd floor to the walls, etc.

5. Decorate as you and your OMGson see fit. For more photos and instructions to make this great craft, check out the fabulous Kinderpendent blog!

6. Play!

Your OMGsons will love this project, and your friends and family will love that the boys are keeping themselves busy this Thanksgiving weekend! It’s a win, win, win!

For more great DIY ideas, check out Marie-Laure’s recommendations!

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