OMG, Guess who’s coming back… Stan, Kyle, Eric & Kenny!!!

Remember those hilarious yet totally politically incorrect and troublesome little characters? Remember the tongue-in-cheek disclaimer that opened every episode? – “The following show contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone.”

South Park marked our teenagehood and early twenties. You can now introduce your OMGchildren to those legendary characters. Make sarcasm, irony & comedy part of their daily life with some cool SOUTH PARK TOYS!

Kidrobot introduces a new collection of toys featuring our South Parks friends: Perfect fun gifts for your OMGchildren! Kenny and the other dudes will hang out in their pencil case, dangle from their schoolbags or hold on to their house keys.

Those 7,5 cm high figurines will be sent in a “blind box”, aka… sent randomly! Cool, isn’t it?

The other good news is that South Park is currently contracted to continue until through 2013,taking the show to seventeen seasons!

You’ll be able to purchase the South Park toys on KidRobot website, anytime soon for only $12!

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