OMG Dedication Award: Dressing Up as the Easter Bunny

A friend of mine is a dedicated OMGparent to her sister’s children, who are now aged 3 and 5.

Since the youngest was a toddler, my friend has been taking one for the OMGteam and dressing up as the Easter Bunny every spring. (Yes, her family has a full Easter Bunny costume. No, I don’t have a picture. Though, now that I think about it, why don’t I have a picture?!)

This year, however, my friend’s family took a trip to a theme park, and the eldest OMGchild asked her mother whether there were actual cartoon characters amongst them or whether these were just people in costumes parading around as cartoon characters.

Her honest mother responded that these were, in fact, just people in costumes.

Well, what about other costumes, the OMGdaughter asked. Like the Easter Bunny?

Ruh roh.

So my friend’s sister gave her daughter the classic, “The Easter Bunny has so many helpers!” explanation. And the daughter seemed pleased enough with this explanation, adding that she had noticed some differences in the Easter Bunnies she’d seen  in school, at the mall, and at home.

But though her OMGdaughter took the news in stride, after this conversation my friend was told that the jig was up. My friend’s sister fears a potential Easter Bunny-beheading at the hands of the eldest OMGkid and the potential trauma that could wreak for her little brother.

So, no more Easter Bunny costume.

Still, OMGmother salutes all you fine OMGparents and your dedication to making OMGchildren’s holidays extra special. At least until said children are old enough to identify the person behind the giant, fuzzy Easter Bunny head.

Have you ever dressed up as a character for your OMGchildren?

Send us your photos! We’d love to show off all of you OMGparents in your Easter Bunny (and Santa Claus, and birthday clown…) finest!


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