Mr. Imagine’s Toy Store Lets Kids Play with the BEST Toy of All: A Cardboard Box!

Tale as old as time: You plan and prep and pay for the very best gift on the market for your OMGchild. You buy batteries and accessories and wrap the gift with care.  And your little friend loves… the box.

Yes, it is the cardboard encasing and not the jet-pack-singing-mega-awesome-thingamabob that your OMGchild will love forever.

And the folks from Mr. Imagine’s Toy Store think this is a great thing!

In fact, they created an entire pop-up shop filled with boxes for children–and their imaginations–to enjoy! The store sold all cardboard boxes, and allowed children to create buildings, robots, towers–anything their little minds could dream!

Unfortunately, Mr. Imagine’s Toy Store is closing this week. But fear not!

The store, which was created in partnership with Energy BBDO and Xi Chicago, is now housed at Chicago Children’s Museum in the Unboxed: Adventures in Cardboard exhibit and can be enjoyed by Midwestern OMGmothers and their lucky OMGchildren through May!

Even better, there is a special exhibition space to display the most innovative OMGcreations that children build!


Unboxed: Adventures in Cardboard
Where: Chicago Children’s Museum
When: Through May 5, 2013
Price: Free with admission

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