Marie-Laure’s Designer DIY: DIY Superhero Masks Are Perfect for Halloween!

Kids’ interior designer extraordinaire Marie-Laure Bouwens of La maison de Loulou back again. As you may recall, she is going to offer us OMGmothers monthly DIY inspiration for making our OMGchildren’s lives a little more colorful, a little more fun, and a little more OMGfashionable.

We are so lucky, because this month Marie-Laure has a second DIY project for you and your OMGchildren. This one will get the little ones ready for Halloween–which is just about a month away!

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Marie-Laure found this one for us at and we think you will OMGlove these easy-to-make masks!

Here’s what you need:

  • Felt in different colors
  • Thread
  • 14-inch long piece of 3/4-inch elastic

Here’s what you do*:

1. Use mask template from Cutesy Crafts to cut out two of the mask shapes in the main color of felt you need for your mask.

2. Cut out any details that will go on the mask in the appropriate colors of felt. Sew the details onto the top layer only.

3. Pin the two felt mask layers together, sandwiching about an inch or so of the elastic into the center on both sides of the mask.

4. Sew around the whole outer edge of the mask and eyes with thread that matches the fabric.  Trim the felt, but DO NOT cut into the elastic while you are trimming!

5. Let your little superhero pop on the mask,  fly around, and save the day!

*For full instructions, templates, and photos,  check out Cutesy Crafts!

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