Happy Movember, OMGfathers!

OMGfathers, this one is for you!

For the entire month of November, or shall we say Movember, men are given a special call to action: Grow a mustache to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other men’s health issues.

This cool idea began in 2003, when Aussie Adam Garone’s brother dared him to grow a mustache and bring the manly facial hair back into vogue. It slowly evolved into a project in which all men can participate. And it’s working! Last year alone, over $126 million was raised for the cause worldwide!

Volunteers, or Mo Bros, simply start out the month clean-shaven and seek out sponsorship for their 30-day devotion to growing the perfect ‘stache.

Movember is the perfect opportunity to get OMGchildren interested in supporting a cause. Because as children notice the physical change on their uncles’ and godfathers’ faces, they will naturally want to discuss your new look.

OMGfathers can use this silly-looking conversation-starter to explain to OMGchildren the importance of finding an issue they believe in and working towards making the world a better place. Explain to OMGchildren that in order to make a difference, it just takes a little bit of time, money, and awareness!

OMGfathers who want to go the extra mile can help their OMGchildren find a cause and brainstorm ways that the children can raise money and awareness.

It’s a win-win-win: OMGfathers raise money for a great cause, share the activist spirit with their OMGchildren, and end up with some outta-this-world facial hair. What’s not to OMGlove?

To sign up for Movember (it’s not too late!), check out the Movember home page.


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