OMGgreen gurus: Interview with Gorav Seth from Trees for the Future

At OMGmother, we decided  to take OMG resolutions for 2012. One of them is to support organizations that are working hard to make a difference. So today dear OMGgreen gurus, we decided to interview one of Trees For The Future‘s director:  Mr Gorav Seth. Trees for the Future is an organization that seeks to remedy the effects of deforestation by planting trees where they are most needed as well as educating and training local communities on how to plant, use, and maintain those trees. Gorav (who is a Super OMGparent) was amazing as he took time to explain to us “why” it is important and “how” we, OMGparents, can help and get our OMGkids involve. And for our OMGparents who are always looking for meaningful gifts: Plant a tree in your OMGchild’s name with Trees For The Future and give them a gift that keeps on giving (on our OMGmother Store)!

My First Name: Gorav

My Last Name: Seth

My Job: Director of Finance and Operations at Trees For The Future

My OMGchildren: My nephews and nieces (Sachin, Sahana, and Naveen Parikh), all of my cousin’s kids (too many to list!), and Jada and Janaa, two kids in the neighborhood that come over and play in the summers.

Can you tell us the story behind the OMGfirst tree that was planted? Our founder was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Phillippines when he started Trees for the Future. His work there taught him that planting trees helped improve livestock yields and improve the environment.  He worked with a lot of communities in the mountains and eventually expanded to several countries around the world.

What is the main objective of Trees FTF? Our long-term goal is a green world free of hunger and poverty. In the short-term we have to focus on change on the local scale.  Looking at it globally is difficult- we can improve the livelihoods of people one village at a time. So far, we plant 17 million trees in 2400 communities per year.

If OMGparents want to plant a tree on behalf of their OMGchild, what should they do? And can it be a one-time donation? Absolutely. Check out our website (here). The minimum donation for a certificate is $5.  Just so you know, donations are on a global level not necessarily the village or tree level. The money you donate can go to any part of supporting our program.

If OMGparents want to explain the importance of planting trees, in a nutshell, how would you describe it to them? I’d tell my OMGchild that we are improving people’s lives by planting the right tree in the right place. Trees are really important because they help both people and the environment.  Trees are their main source of food for their environments, fuel for cooking, construction materials, fences to protect their farms, etc.

Is there a way OMGchildren could get involved to support your organization? I.e do you have programs dedicated to children? Not at the moment- we work with children at schools in some of our programs (especially in Brazil & Nicaragua) but we don’t have programs for kids to volunteer in yet. For now, kids can help spread the word about the importance of planting trees.

Thanks to everyone at Trees For The Future for their great OMGparenting spirit!

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