Easter Crafts: Cool Eggs That Are So OMGEasy to Make!

Ok, OMGmothers. You’ve been assigned Easter Egg duty this year. Sure, you can head to the drug store and pick up an egg-dye kit. But do you really want to walk around for the next week-and-a-half with spots of red and blue dye all over your fingers?

We thought not.

So, we here at OMGmother have found some Easter Egg ideas for you that are easier to make than the drug-store kits and way cuter than your typical pastel-dyed eggs:


All you need for these are some hard-boiled eggs, a Sharpie, and your imagination. Plus, the cool minimalism is perfect for OMGteens.


Younger kids will love these googly-eyed eggs. You can buy a pack of googly eyes at any craft shop and at many drug stores in the school supplies/crafts aisle. Just glue on the eyes with a dab of white glue, and draw on a smile! (Creative OMGchildren might even want to create an Egg Alien or an Egg Cyclops.)

Source: bhg.com via OMGmother on Pinterest


This polka-dot egg is slightly more complicated, but so OMGcute. Use a hole-punch to cut out circles of two-sided tape, stick one side to the egg, and roll the egg around in glitter.

OMGmothers, which of these easy egg ideas would you try?

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