Dress Your OMGchild Like a Celebri-teen: Back to School with Reese Witherspoon and Ava

This week: We’re helping all of you with older OMGdaughters, by checking out Reese Witherspoon and her effortlessly cool daughter Ava.

First of all, we love how Ava dresses like the almost-13-year-old that she is, paparazzi be darned.

Second, we love how she turns her school gym class duds cool with the help of a chic pair of hipster frames.

So, for all you OMGparents with some wannabe-hipster teens in your life, here are some cheap gift ideas.

Let’s start with at the very beginning. The mecca of teen girl accessorizing… Claire’s. Now, you can’t go wrong with any of this shop’s several pairs of hipster-appropriate faux-specs. But check out this mega-ultra-hipster-tastic pair. Not only are they hot pink, but they have a cheeetah print mustache attached. Come on, it’s funny.  ($11.50)

For the slightly less eccentric er, bold, teen, Forever 21 has these traditional black frames. ($5.90)

And, finally, a nice compromise between over-the-top and plain ol’ black plastic, these Urban Outfitters frames’ cute tortoise-shell pattern will make your OMGteen look, like, totally smart for her first day of school. ($5.00)

Looking for more OMGcelebrity fashion ideas?
Check out these cute outfit ideas from Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba!

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