Cool App Alert: ChoreMonster Makes Kids’ Work Fun

Have your OMGchildren’s parents been complaining about how much their kids hate helping out around the house?

Well, now is your chance to introduce them to the perfect app to get the kids excited to do chores.

No, we’re not kidding. Kids will be excited to help out around the house!

The free app ChoreMonster lets parents schedule chores for their children and assign point values to each. The kids sign in, do their chores, and earn points toward a cool reward chosen specifically for each child–which can be anything from a few extra minutes playing a video game to a fabulous weekend with the world’s best OMGmother!


While many parents already have a reward system for chores, this app offers more incentive than a simple star chart with its adorable monster illustrations and the promise of a major prize (Disney vacation, anyone?!) at the end of a lot of hard work!

There you go, OMGmothers, finding all the best ideas again.

Price: free
Ages: 4-12

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