A magical App for all the princesses out there: the Cinderella App!

When you were young and most likely pretending to be a princess, did you wish you had a Godmother just like in fairytales? When things were a bit tough did you close your eyes and hope that the iconic Fairy Godmother from Disney’s Cinderella would appear and make everything better?

Here’s an app for all our OMGmothers who wish to be Fairy Godmothers: the Cinderella App!!!

The Cinderella App is such a fantastic app for your little ones ages 3 and up. This interactive fairytale allows your OMGchildren to take part in the story – to become Cinderella and have their fairytale ending! Their tasks include helping Cinderella do her chores, dressing the evil step-sisters for the ball and so on. Other options include having the story read to them or reading the story themselves!

If you click on the characters, more dialogue appears. What a magical app from a magical OMGmother!

Available on the iPad for $4.99 from the iTunes Store.

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