Being Thankful as a Key to Happiness

Today I read an article titled “Teaching Gratitude, Bringing Happiness, to Children” that got me thinking.  How can I help my OMGkids be happier people?

The article describes how a simple, often overlooked, way for children to be happy is for them to be grateful for what they have. It’s not about showering them with toys and giving in to every desire they have. It’s about teaching them how to appreciate what they do have.

When you’re with your OMGkids, make comments about how lucky they are to have this toy or that DVD. Show them you’re grateful for the things you have. They’ll pick up on your behavior and imitate it. At the end of the day, all we want for those special kids in our lives is for them to be happy people! So I thought this was a great message to share, especially on Thanksgiving weekend.  Let’s all make an effort to count our blessings out loud- it will make all of us happier.

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