Back to School Shopping: The Perfect Star Wars Watch for Your OMGgeek

Ok, OMGmothers. We’ve shown you what to buy for the new school year for the OMGfashionstars and the OMGrockstars in your life.

But back-to-school shopping for a young OMGgeek can be tricky. What do you buy for the OMGchild who wants action figures instead of new clothes? (Because, come on, teachers do not like action figures in the classroom.)

How about this OMGamazing Star Wars Stormtroopers watch?

Here’s what gives this watch its geek chic:

First of all, your OMGchildren get to build the watch bands themselves with LEGOs. (LEGOs!)

Second, each watch comes with its own LEGO storm trooper mini figure.

Third, this is an educational gift. Your digitally minded OMGgeeks spend so much time on their iPads that they could use some practice telling time on an analogue clock, amiright?

Buy the watch, become your OMGchild’s hero, impress the child’s parents.

And may the force be with you.

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