Artkive is and OMGamazing Way to Save and Share OMGchildren’s Art

OMGparents, you know how your OMGchild drew you that one picture, so you taped it to your fridge? And then she sent you another? And another? And, aww, it was so cute, but your fridge is really small actually, and anyway that’s where you hang your ‘Last-10 Pounds Diet Vision Board,” so you really have no room for any more multi-colored squiggly scrawly, um… art?

Well now the wonderful new app Artkive will save your fridge from clutter while preserving wonderful childhood memories. We OMG love this one!

OMGparents can capture photos of children’s work, edit the photos to look their best, and then share the art with your OMGchildren’s parents! It’s so easy to do, and your OMGchildren will love to see all of their art in a fabulous slideshow!

Artkive is also a great app to recommend to parents. Think of how full of art their fridge is… plus the living room, plus the bedroom, plus the the closet. Priceless childhood mementos are flooding their lives, and with Artkive they will be able to clean up their space without fear of upsetting the budding artist!

And if you want to really wow the parents this Christmas? Collect your OMGchild’s art and create a book or mug for the parents!

They will love this OMGsentimental gift, and you will–once again–be the OMGhero!

Price: Free
Ages: All

OMGparents, check out this other great idea for making your OMGchild’s art into a real, life stuffed animal!!

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