12-Year-Old App Builder is the OMGultimate, OMGamazing OMGgeek

How old were you when you hosted your first TED Talk?

Oh, you haven’t hosted a TED Talk yet…?

Well, 12-year-old Thomas Suarez has. The iPhone app builder taught himself how to create apps–like the whack-a-mole game ”Bustin Jeiber”–and is now using his success, energy, and skill to help other kids learn how to become developers. How cool is this OMGgeek?!

And not only is he knowledgeable in the ways of the digital world, he also has some words of wisdom for all of us OMGparents.

“These days students know a little bit more than teachers, with the technology… so educators should recognize this resource and make good use of it.”

In other words, there is a lot that we can all learn from our OMGchildren.

Smart kid.

Check out Suarez’s TED Talk below:


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